Executive and Personal Life Coach, Becky Evans from Enumclaw, WA.

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Executive and personal coaching to move to your own next level of unmatched joy in life.

Meet Becky Evans, an inspirational leader, speaker, teacher and professional coach with over 30 years of experience in corporate and non-profit leadership. You will naturally find Becky to be a person of high integrity and trustworthy as you engage with her as your ally and confidant. Her inspirational spirit, empathy and tenacity move others to see through difficult challenges and define aspirational goals and solid plans for their future. Becky can dream as the day is long…the difference is that Becky can see through roadblocks and courageously break them loose in order to turn your dreams in to reality.

Destination Leadership Retreats / Equine Experience

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Executive and personal life coach, Beck Evans. Consulting services in Enumclaw, WA for King County, Pierce County and Washington State.

Executive & Personal Life Coach

Becky’s extensive executive experience and passion for personal excellence is invaluable to those who desire to move to their own next level of unmatched joy in life.

Individual coaching clients experience a live interaction with Becky by way of Zoom. She offers 12 weeks of coaching, beginning with an assessment and an invaluable set of materials to work through each week prior to the next coaching call. Each call is 50 minutes for 12 consecutive weeks.

In-person coaching is also available.

Inspirational Speaker and consultant, Becky Evans.

Inspirational Speaker

Becky enjoys sharing short vignettes from her life to teach and confirm to others that they are not alone. She speaks from her heart and shares her optimism with all who will listen. Her sense of humor and fun loving nature is contagious and you will find yourself wanting to hear more “Becky Stories” to apply to your own life – a thriving life.

Team Facilitator / Executive Coach / Consultant, Becky Evans

Team Facilitator / Executive Coach / Consultant

Becky’s love for people and thriving teams enables her to quickly attune herself to team dynamics and dig into the needs of the organization. Becky will work with her clients to determine the depth of the need, make bold recommendations and manage the project through to best results in a creative and fun way. You will enjoy working with Becky to tackle your organizational challenges, facilitate team meetings or coach your executive leaders.

Executive and personal life coaching experience on the ranch in Enumclaw, WA.

Double Shot of Leadership Retreats

Are you a leader who is feeling like you’ve reached the top of your game and have nowhere to go? Do you feel like you are “past your prime in business and are being devalued? Or do you feel like you aren’t respected as a young entrepreneur or colleague in the workplace?


Well then, consider this moment to be your purposeful and personal invitation to join me and an intimate group of leaders at Cottonwood Ranch, a beautiful retreat property just outside of Billings Montana. The weekend will refresh, restore and re-energize your true, authentic self, which will bring back joy, confidence and peace to your personal and professional life. You will bring home new gifts, new perspectives and new dreams and plans through my facilitated program led by horses and humans – guess which one will teach you the most!

By changing your habits of thinking and spending self-reflective time away from the hustle and bustle, you will begin envisioning and executing new plans, ideas and possibilities that will bust you beyond your present space of ugly mental models into an exciting future of focusing on living your very best life. Just send me a note and I will share more details with you.


Not only was my life transformed working with Becky, I was extremely blessed. What makes Becky an outstanding coach is her ability to listen and ask thought provoking questions that guide you to take ownership of your life. Her emphasis on embracing the JOY in the journey has had a lasting effect, not only in my work, but in my personal life, creating the life I desire. Once we established embracing JOY, she was able to help me identify my goals, set up a plan to achieve them and execute them for lasting success.

Lisa Brady

Certified Health Coach

Becky Evans is a proven and exceptional executive and life coach. Having worked one on one in corporate and business settings, Becky knows how to take personal leaders through transformational stages that leads both to higher achievement and personal satisfaction. I highly recommend Becky’s services – it will be the ultimate investment in yourself!

Steve Gutzler

President of Leadership Quest

More About Becky

Becky is passionate about investing in motivated individuals who desire to develop consistently high-performance attitudes and behaviors. As an Og Mandino Professional Coach she has the ability to catapult sales professionals, executive leaders, program managers, and others who find themselves in a continuous circle of self-sabotage or feeling of being “stuck” into a new awareness of the path to being a “rock star” in life and work. You will quickly find that Becky’s visionary mindset and her drive for personal and professional excellence will motivate you to dig deep into your Og Mandino Assessment results which are fondly known as the Six Qualities of an Intentional Creator. Beware – the work is hard – the results are endlessly magnificent!

Becky holds a master’s degree in strategic leadership, undergrad in business management and Og Mandino Leadership Institute coaching certification along with over 30 years of corporate leadership experience.

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Professional Online Coaching

Onsite – Phone – Zoom… Get started!

Becky’s natural, relaxed personality allows for mutual trust and open dialogue in order to get to work quickly. An initial 30 minutes conversation will allow for Becky to write an initial statement of work for your confirmation. An additional phone conversation can be held to solidify a final statement of work prior to you receiving a final written proposal to accomplish the work. Your proposal will include the following:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the work to be performed.
  2. Recommendations on tools and/or actions that would enrich the work statement results.
  3. Cost breakdown for services, materials and logistics.

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Professional Online and Over the Phone Personal Life Coaching


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